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Sir-Lush slush drinks syrup is a proven winner increased impulse sales with high profits.
Here at Us 4 Slush Limited we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to get the most from your slush drinks machine.

Watch the short films below to see how easy it is to operate and clean your slush machine.

Lets get started.
Click on the image below to watch an easy to follow
film on how to operate your new CAB Skyline
slush drinks machine
Lets keep it clean
Click on the image below to watch a short
film showing how easy this machine is to clean.
This should be carried out at least once a week.
RRP = Realistic Retail Price
Here at Us 4 Slush we do not try to bamboozle you with words like expert or premium and we do not make wild claims about our products to try and impress you. You are in business! You want straight, honest answers to your question. We respect that. Also, we do not over inflate the recommended retail price to make it look more profitable than it really is.
The table below gives an indication of the Realistic Retail Price of a cup of slush based on prices charged by an average convenience store or take away.
Cup Size Drinks per 5ltr bottle Cost per cup Including syrup, cup, straw. Realistic retail price Minimum return per bottle based on our realistic recommended retail price.
7oz (Small) 175 11p 69p £120.75
10oz (Medium) 118 16p £1.00 £118.00
12oz (Large) 100 18p £1.20 £120
16oz (Extra Large) 75 23p £1.60 £120